Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Going Tubing...

If you like your lashes on the natural side, not like you're dressing for a night at a tranny club, then Tube Your Lashes is your best bet. This cool new mascara coats each lash with little mini tubes. I applied this while looking in one of those magnifying mirrors which leaves you plotting a trip to the surgeon's for botox shots, and I could see the mascara kind of shrink-wrapped each lash which was interesting. The formula is non-drying and it seems gentle and non-irritating. Its very light in consistency and odor free.

I love this for a daytime look, when you want to slightly pump up the volume but not go all out for full face makeup. The lashes are coated with color but it's a natural, fluttery look. When it's time to remove the mascara, you don't need a cotton ball full of eye makeup remover. Simply use a little warm water and a soft washcloth, gentle pressure and those tubes come sliding off. You aren't left with mascara residue under each eye which is nice because who wants to look like they have bruised eyes?

For those of you who get emotional frequently, have no worries- this mascara is waterproof and will not smear or smudge when you cry. It won't flake or irritate your delicate eyes.
TubeYourLash mascara was in the Celebrity Swag Bags at the Entertainment Weekly Magazine's Oscar Party.

I'm wearing TubeYourLash right now I really dig it for my daytime, casual, totally kickback relaxed look. The website is super user friendly, check it out here.



Blogger Grayburn said...

My fav mascara is similar type of tuby formula called Imju fiberwig. checkout my reviews for it!

Always love reading your blog. So hilarious and candid.


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