Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Intoxicating Philosophy Scents

Are you one of the few who havent taken a sniff of Amazing Grace? This is one of the best scents ever created. It suits all kinds of women who like different types of fragrances. Amazing Grace is a really clean smelling perfume, lightly floral with just a hint of musk. It appeals to everyone which is why its consistently being voted "Best of Sephora". I tested the perfume which I LOVED and also available is a terrific bath gel, shower cream, hot salt scrub (doesn't that sound nice?) and body lotion.

Inner Grace is described as a "base coat" for the state of Grace scents. By itself, its got a slightly floral perfumy smell to it. I like it by itself although its nice to layer the scents too. Inner Grace is more of a special occasion scent for me.

Baby Grace is my very favorite scent of the state of Graces perfumes. This is a "just got out of the shower" smell, super clean with a pure soap smell to it. Don't misunderstand, when I say soap, I'm not talking harsh Dial or Irish Spring. Just a simple, clean scent. Like freshly laundered baby clothes! I spray this on after my shower so that my pajamas smell lovely and I can fall asleep with sweet aroma-therapy inspired dreams.
You can learn more at the Philosophy website.

PS. A GREAT gift is the Amazing Grace Bubble Bath or Shampoo/Shower Gel! Everyone loves it and the scent suits every person.

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