Monday, February 11, 2008

My Latest Obsessions....

When I tell my kids to go wash their hands, I think they just dangle their hands near running water and call it a day. With the Jaqua Hand Soap in Buttercream Frosting and Pink Champagne, I know if they truly did the deed because I can smell it. They really do like washing their hands with something other than anti-bacterial cleanser from CostCo. This hand softening soap from Jaqua is deliciously scented. It contains Vitamin E and aloe to keep your hand working hands velvety. We all love it in our house!

I happened to get a sneak peek at two of Alison Raffaele's (formerly Skin Alison Raffaele) new primers and wow, keep checking back at the site for the launch because the primer is outstanding. Pumped up with tons of natural ingredients, the Age Response Formula contains an SPF 15 to protect your skin from the sun. This goes on very smoothly and fills in fine lines and pores, creating a flawless canvas for makeup. There's also an Acne Response which acts like the Age Response. Both contain something called Frutta Di Vita which is an anti-aging complex that sounds like wine.

I know it's insane, I have tons of pricey lipglosses from the very best brands on the market yet I keep grabbing the Burt's Bee's Champagne colored Lip Shimmer. This gloss-chapstick hybrid has a minty essence and the color lasts for a long time, it feels nice on my mouth and is small enough to carry in my pocket with out causing a big bulge. Plus its available at every pharmacy and it's under five bucks.

The story behind the development of this lash is totally heartwarming. A scientist developed this lash growth product after his wife went through treatment for breast cancer. Her lashes fell out so he came up with Revitalash to encourage growth. You can read the story here. Apply this at the base of your lashes and in a couple of weeks, you will notice longer eyelashes. It works! I've been using it for four weeks an my eyelashes are longer, prettier and a bit thicker.

First of all, don't Google "Nude beauty" hoping that Nude Skincare pops up. It won't. Here is a link to my new favorite skincare.

Nude Skincare has an awesome, skin smoothing moisturizer that I cannot get enough of. It nourishes the skin with a lot of natural ingredients, it smells heavenly, comes in a cool simple, modern bottle and absorbs super fast into the skin. This alone makes it ideal for applying before your daily dose of foundation, concealer, coverup, under eye cream etc. I use this all day long, applying it around my eyes, mouth and forehead. Love it!

Once you pass puberty, you really shouldn't get pimples. It's an insult, you know? Along with studying for a math test, eating lunch alone in the cafeteria and not having a boyfriend to take you to the prom, acne should be left back in the confidence retarding time zone known as highschool.

Here comes a solution, one of the best I've ever tried and thats Hydra Medic from Repechage. Simply dot this on with the applicator and overnight your pimples shrink like magic! I happen to have some bottles to give out to my readers so email me at and put HYDRA MEDIC in the subject line. Learn more about the products here.

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