Monday, February 25, 2008

Oscar Dollfaces

So many gorgeous gowns. I adore Keri Russell's simple beauty, I think she always looks like doll.
Jennifer Garner was amazing in her black dress and Anne Hathaway rocked the red. Marion's dress looked like fish scales but that girl is stunning, Penelope always knows how to work the Red Carpet. I would have liked it better if Cameron Diaz put more effort into her hair and makeup. Heidi Klum reminded me of Count Chocula in red and Hilary Swank got two thumbs up for her hair, makeup and dress, well done!
I'm liking the leopard print! Diablo Cody gives hope to all of us writers without formal screenwriting training.

I love love love the glamour of Renee Zellweger's dress. Very old Hollywood. But I really did not like her hair. She looks amazing in the trailer for Leatherheads; I think another hairdo would have been so much more flattering.

Katherine Heigl went to the Mystic Tan before the Oscars! I like the dress but the round cut out on the shoulder reminds me of a Corn Pad.

I liked Lisa Rinna on the Red Carpet. I think she's cute and funny. Her dress is very elegant and classic, I loved the navy color.

Penelope looked gorgeous and there's something sexy about that Javier!

I love Cate Blanchett. Not because people say I look like her but because she is effortlessly pretty on the Red Carpet. The simple black dress that Nicole Kidman wore was totally amped up with those diamonds practically dripping off her!

Calista Flockhart's dress was one of my faves. The color and the style is something I would wear. Her hair looks like mine except I just rolled out of bed. I'm kidding (not really) I like the curly coif.

James McAvoy and his wife AnnMarie were super cute. He's adorable and her dress was magnificent. I love the ruffles, the color, everything!