Saturday, February 23, 2008

Oscars: My Superbowl

Would I wear a dress like this?

Imagine if you were invited to the Oscars; how would you be feeling right now? I would be so excited that I would not be able to sleep or eat. The eating part would suit me since I'd feel like I had to drop a couple of pounds anyway, from my thighs and hips but not my bust.

Weeks in advance, I would choose my gown. I am not high maintenence or demanding so I would buy off the rack, why not? Naturally I would have the gown tailored to my figure so it fit like a diamond studded glove.

Here I chose a few gowns for fun, I'm dreaming of lovely dresses and strappy heels, false eyelashes and shiny lips. As a writer, no one would know who I was anyway so the photographers would shrug and put their cameras down as I stepped out of the car/limo/my ten year old Toyota. But the important thing is that I'd feel like a million bucks.

Would I choose something pink and add some vintage accessories? That could be my style.

Maybe I would choose a vintage dress and pair it with some designer shoes? I love vintage anything.

This might suit my body if I wore Spanx. I could sneak some flats underneath and my feet would be comfy. Maybe I'd even wear slippers.

This Valentino gown would allow for a high comfort level and some cute ballet flats that no one would see because it's so long.

I would chose any one of these three dresses and pair it with Jimmy Choo's or Christian Louboutins.

Someday, maybe I'll attend the Academy Awards and take a turn on Red Carpet. For now it's fun to dream and use my imagination. You know where I'll be tomorrow afternoon- in front of my television watching the pre-show!

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