Monday, February 25, 2008

Picture Perfect Eyes and Skin!

I was so excited to try this Smashbox Photo Op Under Eye Brightener. I have been using this tube every day since I got it. I tucked it into my tiny purse when I went to a Hollywood party last week (more on that later). I needed to look my best and felt that tired eyes were a No-no.

I first use a dab of eye cream around the delicate area of my eyes then I apply the Smashbox Photo Op. This product offers a nice slim brush/ applicator which makes it effortless to use. All shadows, discoloration, and dark circles are gone...poof!

Vibrant C from Prescriptives will keep your eyes looking young which is important to me and probably to you too. I want to look twenty five all the time. This makes you look well rested if you haven't gotten your eight hours of sleep. All mother's and party girls alike can use this product! We all know whats it like to get up in the middle of the night or stroll in from a night out on the town. The next day, the eyes will always show your lack of sleep.

Vibrant C can be used morning and night so you actually wake up looking gorgeous.
It's an eye cream and brightener all in one. Keep it on hand at all times to reapply!

The Instant Gratification Skin Renewal Peel is so easy to use and you get satisfying results. Its as if you got a professional facial. Use a small amount of this product, spreading it all over your face. The peel has a slightly gritty texture but nothing irritating. Wait five minutes while it warms up, then lightly scrub skin and rinse off. Then check out your healthier looking skin! This is what I like to use to exfoliate my skin every week. The Skin Renewal Peel sloughs the dead skin off, improves texture and I am hoping that it might help reduce some fine lines that I see brewing. Fine lines are unacceptable!

I use this product with my Clarisonic brush and when Im done, my skin is totally glowing. Afterwards I slather, and I do mean slather, some moisturizer on.
Love this cream! All About Eyes is a rich cream that will keep your eye area hydrated all day long. My one pet peeve about eye creams is that you apply them and an hour later, the eye area looks dry. There are so many fantastic eye creams out there but my skin rapidly absorbs the nutrients and I want my eye area to remain looking moisturized.

All About Eyes plumps up fine lines and wrinkles for hours after application. It also de-puffs the eyes which is so ideal for me because I get up early in the morning and my eyes look like sandbags. I need a cream like this, one that multi-tasks!

I am sooooooo picky about my foundations. I've tried many and have liked a lot of them but I need a certain look for everyday wear. A look that offers a medium coverage that will smooth out my skin and stay put for several hours. I need a foundation that doesn't clog pores and/or contribute to my oily t-zone. All without making me look like I'm wearing theater makeup. But it can't crease in the fine lines. Its a tall order, I know!

Clinique's Clarifying Makeup met all my demands. I was pleasantly surprised when all I needed to even out my skin tone was a few dots of the Clarifying Makeup, blending well with a cosmetic sponge and WOW! It looked so good. But the real test was going out and running errends for a few hours. I came home and my makeup had stayed put and looked as good as when I first applied it. This makeup controls oil and minimizes pores. YES!

I highly recommend all the skin and eye products I've mentioned here. And now I'm off to apply more eye cream!

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