Monday, February 18, 2008

Sexy Lashes with Lancome Mascara

I think every makeup loving glamour girl has used Definicils at one time or another. It's like the gold standard of mascaras. Up until recently, I had never used this type of Lancome mascara. I had the chance to test out Definicils, Definicils Pro, High Definicils, and the Water Proof version with great results.

Definicils offers a straight applicator which coats each lash with a formula that is non- irritating. The result is beautifully defined eyelashes.

Definicils Pro offers a curved applicator and this was my favorite. Something about the curve of the wand helped to coat those tiny lashes in the corners which usually go without mascara. I used about three coats of mascara for very long dark lashes. All the Definicils mascaras lasted all day long without flaking off or looking dry at the end of the day.

High Definicils gives you fine, long lashes without volume. Think about long spidery lashes, thats the result I found with High Definicils. I believe this is the most natural look. I'm one who loves eyelashes very full and dark and thick but on some days when I want a lighthanded look, I'll go for this mascara.

Water Proof Definicils, this is obvious- its water resistant! Your lashes get the same excellent result but you can cry and swim and do whatever you want without the mascara running rivers down your cheeks. The one thing about Water Proof mascara that scares me is the removal. I have worn water proof eye makeup where I almost have to use paint thinner to wash it all off. I've scraped and rubbed and accidentally pulled out eyelashes to remove water proof mascara.

Alas, there is the Bi-Facil Eye Makeup Remover from Lancome which is awesome. I have little round cotton pads that I use along with this remover. I lightly swipe this across my eyes and then go back and very gently dab the remaining mascara/eye makeup off. Its very easy and works well without a lot of effort. Bi-Facil is ideal to use with the Water Proof Definicils or the other Definicils mascaras.

Now I can see what the big fuss over Lancome mascaras is all about! Great dark color, smooth texture, lashes look long and healthy and all is removed simply with the Bi-Facil remover. Two thumbs up!

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