Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thymes Red Cherie Cologne

I have to comment on the beauty that's the box this colonge comes in. If I could find a painting of the pink-red cherry blossoms and simple tree on the pale celery background, I would snap it up. It's delicate and lovely and would look nice on a shirt or a wall hanging, maybe even wallpaper. The bottle is a frosty glass with blossoms etched in there and it looks too delicate to be sitting on my dresser.

Thymes Red Cherie is "a luscious mix of sparkling pomegranate, ripe red cherries, passion flower and jasmine, sparked with Asian lychee and a tease of fruity musk." I imagined a fragrance called Red Cherie might be a super sweet, maraschino cherry odor that brought me back to grade school and cherry flavored Hubba Bubba. I WAS WRONG. The combination is really light and pleasant, its not overpowering or sweet. This is the ideal fragrance if you want something different but don't know whether to go fruity or floral. I want to say its different in a very good way because I don't own any perfumes or colognes that smells quite like Red Cherie. It drys down to where you can smell the Asian lychee, at least on me. Body chemistry varies and the fruity musk might be more apparent on you.

I have to point out again (because I gave a glowing review about a month ago) that Thymes is a wonderful brand: the website is easy to use, the people there are nice, the products are truly heavenly and everything is outstanding quality. Here's your spring scent.