Monday, March 17, 2008

Bare Escentuals

I've been reading about The Buxom lipgloss on numerous blogs and the color everyone agrees on is Trixie which is the shade I tested. It's super flattering to everyone's skin tone, I would imagine. It's a midtone pink with the slightest bit of glimmer. The cooling sensation feels nice, this lip plumper doesn't make your mouth tingle- there is no pain involved in getting a juicy pucker here. It's not sticky or goopy, it's got a nice texture.

I applied Trixie generously and then added a light pink gloss on top. I really like my lip colors to be pale, light pink. The effect was exactly what I wanted- super shiny lips looking full and sexy! Too bad I was only on my way to the drugstore with my Angelina Jolie lips.

Here's the entire kit in one nifty box. This makes it easy to test and play with the Bare Escentuals colors and brushes. Look at all you get:
Two shades of bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation to ensure the perfect match.
BareVitamins Skin Rev-er Upper: can be applied daily before applying bareMinerals to rev up your skin
Mineral Veil: provides a translucent finishing touch to your makeup, infusing it with softness and adding a flawless finish.
Warmth All Over Face Color: add an instant sun-kissed glow to skin where the sun would naturally touch.
Flawless Application Brush
Full Coverage Kabuki Brush
Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush
Plus an inscructional DVD so you can achieve a near perfect appearence.

I have tried mineral powders here and there with some success but I was anxious to test Bare Escentuals because this brand is known to be the high standard of mineral powders. Every time I'm in Sephora, someone is getting made over by an artist applying Bare Escentuals. I've heard about this from friends, in magazines and on other beauty sites.

I was totally excited to see what everyone was raving about. I mixed and matched and layered to get my ideal color. That wasn't hard to do. The finely milled powders blend beautifully and the well made brushes make application easy. I used the Skin Revver Upper as a base then added the foundation. I love the fact that the makeup has an SPF in it!

I for one can't stand it when women wear heavy handed foundation- like theaterical pancake makeup. I want to be able to see skin and have my makeup, at least my foundation, look very natural as if I do have impeccable skin. Bare Escentuals defintely gave me that look. My face was smooth and uniform in color yet looked one hundred percent natural. I wasn't wearing a mask of putty-like foundation. The mineral powders are gentle to the skin and won't clog pores which is another reason to like it. People with acne prone skin are good candidates for mineral powders because they not only offer coverage but improve the skin condition.

After I applied the foundation, I used a bit of Mineral Veil which set my whole look. This powder gave a very subtle glow to my skin.

Bare Escentuals lived up to it's hype. I loved the way my skin looked. My one and only problem remains to be the powder somewhat settled into my pores! I used a Pore Filler by Clinique to smooth out my dreaded pores and that worked well.

You can see Bare Escentuals in person at Sephora, or online here.

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