Monday, March 17, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Pamela Anderson is really brave to wear only the skimpiest of outfits in public. I don't even like to walk around in my underwear in the privacy of my own home! I see London, I see France, I wish Pamela was wearing pants.
Naomi Watts is looking great and I especially want those shoes!

Such an incredible actress, Mary Louise Parker. I must reason a dvd of that show, Weeds.

Where art thou leggings? Linsday Lohan's shoes make her legs look stumpy and without pants or a skirt, it just looks like she's wearing an oversize shirt.

This dress is lovely! Kate Walsh looks beautiful but I really want her red hair back. Red and purple are so striking together.

Paris has the oddest stances! Pigeon- toed is the new black?

My favorite supermodel, Kate Moss. I wonder if she eats anything? She looks so skinny here.

Julia Roberts looks so glamorous at those Hollywood events so its actually nice to see that she's more normal and plain, like a real person, in this photo.

It's no wonder that Michael K from Dlisted calls her Jessica Miseralba. She always looks unhappy. Smile, would you?

Gorgeous Gwen! She is so beautiful.

Cindy Crawford's son looks like a petite, blonde version of her!

Anne Hathaway. I really like the simplicity of her dress with that belt. Give her stylist a gold star.

CONGRATS to *Lesha* who won the Max Factor contest!

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