Monday, March 24, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I think Paris looks nice here. That's because we aren't subjected to her odd stance and boat feet.
Rachel McAdams looking spiffy as a brunette for a new role. Loved her in Mean Girls.

Everywhere I go, people stop and tell me that I look like Brooke White (American Idol). It's a huge compliment since I think I'm hideous and she's adorable. My mom however says "YOU LOOK NOTHING LIKE HER!" I guess she sides with me on that one, but the American Idol fans around town say otherwise. Thanks, mom.

Cate Blanchett can transform herself in whatever role she takes on, even here looking like Suri Cruise. She's amazing. Cate, not Suri.

Rumer Willis is such a combination of her mom and dad. She's a CD list celeb for being the offspring of famous parents. Shouldn't your celebrity status be about your accomplishments?

Sarah Michell Geller is super cute and I love her hair and makeup.

Reese Witherspoon takes a page of George Clooney's book and buys her kids a couple of piglets. I would love to have a little squeaky pink pig as a pet. Do you keep them inside or out? Can you potty train pigs?

I'm pretty sure all Victoria Beckham does all day is shop and go out to eat at expensive restaurants. And by eat, I mean look at the menu with disgust and order a lemon wedge. Eva Longoria looks like she's having fun while Posh looks sour.

I think Pamela Anderson looks 100% better without all her makeup on.

The headband says "Lets Get Physical" while the side boob cleavage leaves little to the imagination. The rubber-like pants remind me of the bottom half of a scuba diving outfit. Mischa Barton needs to read Tim Gunn's Guide to Style.

Keri Russell is so beautiful and always looks fabulous.

My favorite supermodel of all time, Kate Moss. I tried to get my hair like hers but because mine is more frizzy, or fuzzy as my son says, I can't pull off her casual windblown coif.

Kate Hudson's son, yes he needs a haircut. But look at her tunic, its perfect! I want one just like it. I love the style, the color...although I would pair mine with some jeans.


Jodie Foster has the right idea. I am retiring the bikini bottoms forever. Why do men get to wear the shorts while women have to squeeze into what is essentially underpants for the beach? No more for me. Board shorts all the way.

Javier and Penelope. He is one hundred percent manly man, isn't he? She is very cute but her accent haunts me. For weeks after seeing that stink bomb, Vanilla Sky, I went around whispering "Open your eyes." in her accent.

Cameron Diaz might be rumored to have pimples, blackheads, cystic acne and scars on her face but she has amazing legs.

Well well well, look who is out and about! And who has clearly been sewing her own clothes. I made a bookmark back in second grade art class that strongly resembles Britney's sweater. I think it's time to put a moratorium on the beat weave and go natural.
**Congrats to HEIDI who won the Frownies gift set*
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Anonymous poppy said...

i absolutely agree : Javier barden is...arrrrgh!!
i don't know about jennifer's accent because chez doesn't speak french, but i can imagine.....

2:36 PM  
Anonymous poppy said...

i meant "she", she doesn't speak french!! (sorry, i made a strange mix with french words..)

2:37 PM  
Anonymous jessica said...

paris does look pretty there, omg sarah michelle gellar looks diffrent in that pic i guess shes looking older

9:55 PM  

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