Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Have you been Fafi-fied?

Who can resist the glorious spring colors of the pots of the paint in MAC's
Fafi Collection?

Pink and red glosses will make your lips shine while the bright pop of pink color on your cheeks makes you look very doll-like. My favorite paint pot is the aqua blue called Rollickin.

If you haven't seen the Fafi Collection yourself, then get yourself to the MAC store and check it out. Or click this link to see the very cute website for Fafi's products. These vivid colors are gorgeous for spring. I'm not the most daring person with my makeup but I will do a bright color on my eyes or lips, not at the same time. Fafi is lots of fun, on the young side though which I why I use it sparingly!

MAC just came out with the Strobe collection which I will feature in the very near future. Soft focus shades look like watercolors. You will love it. Trust. The Beauty Powder Blush has arrived too, take a peek!


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