Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Ivanka Trump is a pretty girl with a totally cool first name. Ivanka- you don't meet many girls with that name. That color blue is stunning and flattering on her however the fit in the bust area makes her appear like she's a nursing mother of five. Kind of poofy and saggy.

I would take that dress and wear it any day of the week. And Lisa Rinna has a terrific body, she's in super shape. Excellent job on the outfit and body, Lisa!

These two are cute together, I like Jake with Reese much better than when he was with Kirsten Dunst.

Who dresses Paris? Now it looks like she's posing on a Hefty bag wearing an outfit inspired by Michael Jackson's Thriller video.
I dig Nicole Richie's style but when I copy something like her headwrap, I look like I'm suffering a head wound.

Paula Abdul wears an unfurling role of toilet paper as a scarf. How innovative!

Oh goodness, Nicky Hilton is treading in Allegra Versace territory. She looks unhealthy and needs a loaf of Challah bread and some protein shakes.

Remind me never to stand next to Christy Turlington. In comparison, I'd feel like Shrek.

And remind me to take this photo to a plastic surgeon's office so I can have everything redone to look like Charlize Theron.

I cannot wait to see the new Cameron Diaz/Ashton Kutcher movie, What Happens In Vegas. It looks like its going to be very funny.

I applaud Anne Hathaway's resistance to tan. Everyone around me loves to bake in the sun but I slather on my spf 50.
and in case you missed it, here's Katherine McPhee on American Idol last night. She sings beautifully. Too bad she's so ugly. Just kidding! She's gorgeous, sings well and is starting an acting career.

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