Sunday, March 16, 2008

MAC Strobe and Beauty Powder Blush

MAC Strobe is a new collection offering soft, sheer hues which remind me of watercolors. There is a Strobe Liquid and a Strobe Cream to help you achieve the desired effect. Imagine an Impressionist painting by Monet, something along the lines of Waterlilies. There's the idea of Strobe. Lightly out of focus, feminine. Perfect for spring.

I tested three lip colors which all offer an SPF 15 and condition lips: Strobe Blossom- a light pink, Strobe Current- sheer plum, Strobe Rays- pale caramel. I love the Strobe colors paired with some neutral eye colors and a light handed application of pink blush.

Speaking of blush, MAC has another fab collection, a group of springy powder blushes called Beauty Powder Blush. These are slightly shimmery blushes that appear much darker in the compact than what comes off on your skin. My favorite of the bunch is Shy Beauty, a peachy hue that gives me healthy looking cheeks.

I got the chance to test these and I liked them all for slightly different faces. Secret Blush is a plummy shade, Eversun reminds me of a bronzer- its a peach-bronze hybrid, Feeling is a plum color with a silver shimmer. There are more shades to check out so click here for the full list. For me this spring is all about peachy and apricot shades on my cheeks while Im searching for the ideal lip product that will give me a peach-pink color.

MAC's brushes in this collection are Must-Haves. I love love love, that's three loves, their brushes. Brushes 116 and 169 are for contouring the cheeks and applying blush. You can blend shades of the Beauty Powder Blush to get exactly the color that is most complimentary to your skin. Applying makeup well takes a certain artistic flare and MAC has both the tools and colors to create whatever look you want. Click here for more MAC.

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