Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Oh how I love Chanel!

When I think of Chanel, I can't help but think of Marilyn Monroe and her dedication to Chanel no. 5. For years, that was my signature scent. Now I've moved on but Chanel is to me, the epitome of glamour and elegance. I imagine beautiful women patting their faces with Chanel powder and pretty French girls with their Glossimer lip gloss.

I recently had the chance to test some Chanel products and I loved the result as I knew I would. I wore the Quadra Eye Shadow in the colors above- a neutral gray shade, a pale blue, a dark blue and a light pink. The texture of the eye color is so finely milled, like the softest powder and it stayed on all day. I layered the colors and took the time to create a subtle yet eye catching look.

Next I lined my upper lashes with the Precision Eye Definer in Blue Jean which is ultra blendable and very smooth. No tugging or pulling on the eye to apply this product. The eye pencil comes with its own sharpener which is a plus. Its nice to have one in easy reach so you can have a sharp point every time you apply.

I used the powder blush which was a shade called Enchanteresse, a shade between peach and bronze. A little goes a long way on my fair skin. Great texture and color and has a tiny bit of shimmer so you face reflects the light and looks luminescent.

Initmitable Mascara in Noir Brun was my next step. This mascara has a brush that applies even color to each lash. It's more like a comb than a brush with finer "bristles" which give lashes separation and a bit of volume. This is an all in one kind of mascara. You can build color without getting clumps, I applied two or three coats because as you well know, I like big lashes.

Lastly, the Glossimer. This is the Holy Grail of lip glosses. High shine, no sticky-tacky texture, in a sleek little tube with the luxurious CC intertwined on the cap. Is there anything better than a good lip gloss for extra shiny and sexy lips? I tried out Spark which is a lovely reddish pink that appears darker in the tube than on my lips. Seashell, is an ideal color for day time, a pink-peach frost that works well with the powder blush I used. Its very springy and light while Spark is a tad more dramatic for night.

My final thoughts on Chanel? I looooooooved it. What makeup loving girl hasn't lusted over the Black Satin and Vamp shades of nail polish? Who hasn't wished for a Glossimer or two? I'm going to be dreaming about the Satin Lip colors and the Professional Finish Makeup. Here is a link to Chanel on Nordstrom and the Chanel website.



Anonymous Isabella Gucci said...

I love Chanel too! Great Post!

12:21 PM  
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