Monday, March 10, 2008

Products that can withstand the Sierra Madres...

beautiful Mexico

Not a great photo but you get the idea. I had a big bag full of makeup but on the last night of our vacay, I had to downsize to pack it up. There are some products that I brought along on my Mexican Riviera cruise that really truly worked their magic and of course I have to spill it to you, fellow beauty lovers.

I used my Clinique Clarifying Makeup every single day and it never let me down. It stayed on and worked! Before applying that foundation, I was diligent in using my Alison Raffaele primer which has an SPF of 15. I don't go out in the sun if I can help it but we did do activities like kayaking in the ocean where I couldn't help but be outside.

I carried the Avene Spf 50 around with me in my bag and reapplied on my hands and chest often. If I knew I was going to be in the sun, I applied this before the primer. I rather be super pale with no sun damage than have a short lived tan and pay the price.

The Tarte Natural Cheekstain held up like a champ. I applied this in the morning and it lasted and lasted. One day, we took a trip aboard a "Unimog" through the Sierra Madres. This was an open vehicle that zipped along rugged terrain. We were bumping along at high speeds, the last thing on my mind was if my hair and face looked okay. This was a seven hour trip without so much as a mirror (although there was Blue Agave Tequila). When I got back to the ship, surprise, my cheeks were still glowing!

I hate putting on and taking off mascara more than once a day. But my day went like this- got up and ate breakfast, then immediately left the ship for some kind of excursion. Hours later, I took a shower and got ready for dinner and applied makeup all over again. I'm nervous about scrubbing my eyelashes off so I treat them gently. This is where TubeYourLashes comes into play. I applied it in the morning and it stayed on through the harshest of times- hiking in the sun, being in the ocean, working out- this was a miracle. I know I reviewed it before but the fact that it stayed on when I needed it to but came off so easily really makes it a winner.

Burts Bees Lip Shimmer was tucked into my pocket all day, every day. This nourishing lip balm provides hydration and a bit of color- I like the frosty Champagne shade. I was never without this slim little tube. While I can manage to be without extra eyeliner or blush, being without a lip product is unheard of!

Because this doesn't need to be sharpened, I brought it along and used it everyday. Black eyeliner is the best. You can do thick or thin, make it wing out, smudge it and it works with all shades of eyeshadow. The MAC Technakohl Eyeliner rules!

VanityMark tweezers are awesome. One end is slanted, one is pointy. There's no excuse for unruly brows. Sometimes its nice to let go a little on vacation but I cannot stand eyebrow stubble. This was the first item in my makeup bag when I was packing!

I used the Rosebud Salve on my lips at night and on my ragged, horrible cuticles every day! I love this because my kids can use it on their chapped lips without looking like they have lipstick on. And it smells divine.

The Olay Regenerist Derma Pods are so portable and handy, I brough enough along for each night I was gone. Easy to use, they dispense just the right amount of product for the entire eye area. I love the Regenerist line. I talked my friend out of spending fifty bucks on a fancy face cream because the Regenerist cream really does the job.

For all over face and skin issues, I brough some Emu oil along. I got a few pimples that I couldn't stop picking and popping which of course resulted in horrendous red splotches on my face. Whats a girl to do? I dabbed on some Emu oil. When I woke up in the morning, the sores were better. The pimple was still there but the wound had healed. Emu oil is great for the face as a moisturizer, for the hands as a soothing lotion...its many uses make it very valuable!

I think this sums up the products I brought with me. Of course I had some NARS lip gloss with me, various shades of pink lipstick, two different shades of blush and enough clothes to last two weeks not to mention five pairs of shoes for the seven days I was gone. I am a terrible packer because I don't want to be without anything so I try to bring it all!