Tuesday, April 08, 2008

BalmShelter Lip Gloss

another fun review from my girl, Supermodel!

If you are a lip gloss aficionado, but hate that tacky, sticky, gooey feeling, Balm Shelter is the gloss for you! Not having had the chance to sample this line as of yet, I checked out the company website. The creators of these products are gorgeous girls and are testimony alone to the quality of this product! I was able to sample soft, frosty Ghetto Girl, and Pin-Up Girl, which is a glamorous red. I loved how my lips felt…moisturized and adored. These glosses are all formulated in a strawberry-banana scent and my kids said my lips smelled “yummy”. The tubes are generously portioned and come in a wide array of shades to fit any personality.



Blogger Roxy said...

My goodness ... the horror of it all ... Kristin Davis (what WAS she thinking) and those shoes on Gwyn ... but what was tired looking about Helena? Great post - I love these dollfaces you do!

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