Monday, April 21, 2008

Cargo Blu Ray: Ready for your close up?

With this Cargo Blu Ray cosmetic collection, you will be ready for photo ops and the paparazzi. Okay, so maybe you aren't in front of any cameras but still, we all want to look flawless. With the advent of high definition television, celebs with less than perfect skin are fretting over their every pore and zit. This kit is designed to hid flaws while illuminating skin under bright lights. Or if you are a normal kind of person and not a celebrity, your skin will look gorgeous for your own benefit.

The Mattifier shrinks the appearance of pores and fine lines. I was nervous how this would go on over my moisturizer but no problems. I used the Biore moisturizer I mentioned a few posts ago, skipped the primer and used the Mattifier. Lovely smooth skin. Next I used a big brush to apply the Pressed Powder. I did not use a liquid foundation as I usually do, instead I used the powder and my skin tone looked even and clear thanks to the "micronized light diffusers reflecting light randomly to camouflage imperfections." What imperfections?

The Blush /Highlighter is a pale pink color that adds a little ooomph without going overboard and giving you clown cheeks. The whole look of the Blu Ray is to make your skin look beautiful and clear, poreless and smooth. This blush adds a hint of color, a glow to your cheeks. I'm trying to tone down the pink cheeks and go at it with a light hand so this is ideal for me. If less is more as we age then I want to focus on having clean and pimple-free skin rather than lighting up my face like a Vegas billboard.

I was so thrilled with the Lip Gloss. These four neutral colors look nice individually or blended together. These have the trademark Cargo high shine and smooth, slick texture. I've been a fan of Cargo glosses for years and this does not disappoint.

Last is the Blu Ray Mascara which features a comb-like applicator. This enables it to reach from roots to end, coating each lash with color. You might be surprised at how long lashes look after using this one! I love it. So less is more except when it comes to my eyelashes and then you know how I like them- big and bold!



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