Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Everything is (sort of) fine until you scroll down and see Mariah Carey's purple shoes! I love a good pair of those but those are all kinds of wrong.

Tori is rocking the baby bump in some cute clothes! I'm anxious to read her book, I haven't received my copy yet. I want the scoop on the Beverly Hills 90120 set.

One of the most beautiful women on tv, Parminder Negra from ER.

Kelly Pickler in some very uncomfortable, bunion inducing shoes.

Jodie Foster is one of the few child stars who actually turned out okay. Check out her muscular gams!

I read a comment on another board and the person said, "Ewww...look at Hilary Swank's hair!" I believe she cut it for her role in the movie about Amelia Earhart. If a movie wasn't in the works already, I would have attempted to write a screenplay myself. Amelia is a fascinating woman.

Fierce shoes! I had a dream about Ellen Page last night. She was going to star in a film I wrote. A few weeks ago I dreamed that Diablo Cody cut my hair into a horrible "Posh" 'do.

Cindy Crawford looks hot! Love the dress. Don't you wonder how much work she's had done? I say Botox for sure. Maybe an eye lift.

Alanis Morrisette has come along way since "You Oughta Know". That was every bitter ex-girlfriend's anthem in the mid-90's.


Blogger Smirking Cat said...

I liked Alanis better in her tough, angry phase! "You Oughta Know" is still one of my favorite songs. Mariah Carey always seems to have so much fun with clothes and accessories. I'll let the purple shoes slide.

2:51 PM  

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