Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Even pregnant with twins, Angelina is gorgeous. I envy her beauty and curvy figure!
If I could wake up tomorrow morning and look just like her, I'd never ask for another thing again, I promise.

I have this exact same outfit from the skinny jeans to the gray sweater to the ballet flats. Cameron Diaz and I are like twins! Sisters? Cousins.

Ken Paves works his magic through Jessica Simpson's hair. And by magic, I mean he's attaching a wig to her head. I wonder if he dies a little when he looks at the mess on Amy Winehouse's head?

It's the Sex and the City (Botox, Bags and Wrinkles) crew! Where's Mr. Big?
I strongly disagree with Kristen Davis's choice of footwear and actually, the entire ensemble. Is that a sports coat with the arms ripped off? The shoes are very Bananrama circa 1986. Where's her stylist? Fired!
Renee Zellweger looks great! I love the way her red dress matches the red soles of her Christian Louboutins. That's the way to coordinate.

Lisa Marie Presley looks like she's hosting a Renaissance Festival. I went to one of those once and saw strange things like Pickles on Sticks and enormous turkey legs covered in oil.
Love the Zoot suit. Is that what people mean when they say Hot Mess?

Kate Moss gets wet at the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios. When I went on that ride, I wore a skimpy water proof poncho tied so tight around my head I almost suffocated. All to keep my hair dry! I didn't want to get wet and spend the day in damp clothes. The hood was so tight that I couldn't even see, all that stuck out was my nose. I missed the whole ride due to vanity!

Good thing Helena Christianson is gazing down because homegirl is looking tired! Gwyneth's shoes are like some S&M fetish looking call girl stilettos. They sell similar ones at Party City. I saw them around Halloween.

It's Gwyn again. Better choice of shoes but the dress is a good foot too short.

Why would someone choose to wear huge men's shoes? Mary Kate- Ashley, I don't know who that is but the shoes look like clown clompers.

The stronger the crack, the higher the hair. Isn't that how the saying goes? Actually, Amy Winehouse cleaned up a bit, I dig her Forever 21 inspired outfit.
Her hive is out of control. Let's name what we could hide in her 'do: cigarettes, a case of beer, a footlong Subway sandwich (now only five dollars!), a pair of shoes, a boot, a spare tire, a notebook, a set of pens, a handful of change, an ipod, a bird, car keys, a bottle of perfume and a change of clothes.

Right. I forgot the mouthwash. That could fit too.


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