Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I want to send Kate Walsh a box of Clairol Perfect 10 hair color. I really loved her as a redhead! Plus that Perfect 10 stuff is great.

Another Kate, this one Hudson. I'm torn over the off the shoulder Flashdance gown. Sort of looks like a tablecloth my grandmother might have purchased at Big Lots.

If I attempted to style my hair in a myriad of braids like cute Gwen Stefani, it would look like thread wrapped around a toothpick, my hair is so fine.

Liz and Gwyn laughing at people who aren't British.

Did you see Fergie on American Idol gives back last night? She did a one handed cartwheel AND she wore rubber pants!

Pregnant Minnie Driver. I wish she was in more movies, I think she's adorable.

When I breastfed, my boobs never got big like Nicole Richie's. Through my pregnancies I only wished for healthy babies and big boobs. I got the healthy babies.

I used to have a plaid LL Bean bathrobe that I wore when I lived in New Jersey. The jacket thing Mr. Scary Spice is wearing may be the robe reincarnated.

Tori looks fabulous during her days of being pregnant! Way to go on the maternity style!!

What is the deal with the black and white shoelaces? When I saw Elliot Yamin on AI last night, I thought he really looked old. If I said he was forty, would you believe me? Because I think he's only in his twenties.
Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz got engaged. I imagine he proposed with a rhinestone studded flatiron and black MAC eyeliner pencil. How could you refuse such a proposal?



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