Monday, April 21, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Oh Minnie! Like Salma Hayek, the pregancy has gone right to her boobs and I'm jealous! That belly is barely blossoming but I have a feeling she's going to look adorable right up until the end.

When I look at Mischa Barton I can't help but think of her as a vomit covered child in the Sixth Sense. Creepy! Her dress is too voluminous for her thin frame. Perhaps she's trying to look bigger, not smaller. In that case, good for you Mischa!

I don't know who this Heidi Montag creature is or why she's in every tabloid magazine I pick up but here she is posing with her "fans". Whatever! What's got me puzzled is the duct tape around her shoes?
Elizabeth Hurley has been airbrushed within an inch of her life. Don't feel bad when you look at her flawless skin and body and remember she's in her 40's. A little Photoshop here and there and we can look like that too. (maybe you already look that good but I know I'd need help)

Who wears sunglasses at night? Movie stars like Tom Cruise, that's who!
Katie's dress reminds me of orange formica, macrame plant hangers, incense, patchouli, basically the early 70's.
I have a sudden craving for grapefruits, cut in half.
I could never stand next to Victoria Beckham. Why? Because I actually eat and it shows. I get the feeling she's the type to order salad (dressing on the side) and water at every meal.
This pregnancy, Gwen is going for the blonde hair and red lips which is typical Gwen style, but long flowy dresses to stay comfy. And maybe to conceal the baby bump and weight gain?
Yes Selma Blair is hot but that little guy is truly the glamorous one in this picture.
Famke Janssen is wearing such a cool dress, it reminds me of flower petals.

I am all over the yellow-black color combination this spring and I love Elisabeth Hasselbeck's dress. I would have paired the outfit with black strappy shoes but that's me.
Cate Blanchett popped her kid out no more than three weeks ago and she's already hitting the streets. I wonder if she had the C-Section/Tummy Tuck combo that's so popular with the A-list set?

Well, you can't really say anything bad about Catherine Zeta Jones, she is gorgeous. She does look a wee bit matronly here but what do you expect, she's married to someone three times her age!

Amber Valetta is super pretty and I wouldn't mind waking up tomorrow looking exactly like her.


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