Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Taking part in some cyber-shopping, I came up with an outfit I'd like to own. I wish I had unlimited funds because I love clothes and shoes and purses. I found everything at Wet Seal/Reference online.

Can I hear a what- what? It's Neil Diamond Night on American Idol! Don't get yourself too wound up, its going to be a ballads night. I can't wait to see what kind of plastic surgery he's had like Barry Manilow and Kenny Rogers before him. Here are the song choices we can expect:

Brooke: I Am I Said, I'm A Believer (please don't make the pouty face and for once, belt it OUT)

Jason: Forever in Blue Jeans, September Morn (put down the bong before your song, dude)

David Archuleta: Sweet Caroline, America (aw, golly gee..shucks!)

Syesha: Thank the Lord for the Night Time, Hello Again (she's going to belt it out like last week)

David Cook: I'm Alive, All I Really Need is You (I don't need to see it, I'm sure he'll do great)

It's rare to see Mary Kate Olsen looking happy, clean and cute at the same time. Her foundation/silly putty lips gives her a corpse-like appearance. When my hair is greasy at the roots, I wear a hat. Or I wash my hair.

You don't need to see her face to know this is Lindsay "Leggings" Lohan.

Leelee Sobieski should be holding a high ball in one hand and a cigarillo in the other. A mink turban would have complimented this retro look beautifully.

Liv Tyler is perfection but this feedsack of an outfit needs to go back to Loehmanns. It does nothing, NOTHING, to compliment her skin and hair and body. Although it is ideal for when you ate too many bagels, pizza and crackers.

How often do you coordinate your lips, nails and earrings? Me too, all the time! I want to see what Christina's baby looks like. I imagine he has blonde bouffant hair and cherry red lips. He wears diapers made of silk, booties trimmed in diamonds and a rhinestone encrusted pacifier.
Speaking of diamond studded kidstuffs, Gwen Stefani bought her son Kingston a Slip N' Slide at KMart, I know! Seriously, yes KMart. But of course she didn't carry it herself, that's what the Shopping Assistant is for. The girl in the dress is probably the nanny and somewhere lurks a bodyguard. Celebs do very little for themselves.
I discussed this topic the other day with a friend, at what age is in inappropriate to wear mini skirts and as the case may be, mini dresses? I think the cutoff is early 30's. Should Gwyneth be a little more covered up here? A giant lace doile really does make an interesting dress. I have a knitted toilet paper cozy that would simply be divine as a tunic.

Does Gisele ever wake up in the morning and feel bloated or fat? Ever have an Ugly Day? A bad hair day? Does she have age spots or fine lines, wrinkles or laugh lines? Nah...didn't think so.

Catherine Zeta Jones on location for a film. I can't believe she's wearing jeans! She seems so glamorous, I love seeing her dressed down. And by down, I mean wearing what I would wear on a normal day.



Blogger snb-the glamourista said...

christina's hair is a hot mess! i hear she's practically bald under all the weaves! as for gwyneth's dress...i love it, i just don't think i love it on her. she's not edgy enough (maybe she was tired of people looking at her recently ugly shoes!!

8:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If that girl is a nanny, i wonder if she is allowed to wear what she wants or not.

12:12 PM  
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