Monday, April 14, 2008

Drugstore Beauty

I have been using the Softsoap Spa Radiant Exfoliating Body Wash and loving it! You cannot beat this product especially for the price. A huge 18 ounce bottle is less than five dollars. I use a big puff to apply this all over my body for a lovely scrub. Skin is left feeling silky and moisturized. Aromatic botanicals, jojoba beads and essential oils nourish the skin. I could use a spa glow every day but getting to a spa is not even the slightest bit possible. Spa Radiant leaves me feeling not only clean but smelling nice with silky skin. It's the next best thing to a spa visit in my world.

When I saw the ad for the Garnier Nutritiniste Deep Wrinkle Treatment, I had to get it. I have a deep forehead wrinkle that drives me crazy, this is why I finally gave myself bangs. I am waiting until the price goes down on those wrinkle fillers ($700 per vial?) so in the meantime, I'm giving this a whirl. It contains vitamin A and may be used all over the face. When I smooth it on all over, my skin looks more even and wrinkles aren't as obvious. It remains to be seen if this is the magic ointment I've been searching for. Don't you think within the next few years, technology will improve and fine lines will be easily erased? If only there was a do it yourself boob job...

I read a report in Good Housekeeping or one of those magazines, that the Biore Pore Minimizing Moisturizer was rated numero uno. Let me admit this- its only been recently that I began using moisturizing during the day. My skin is quite oily and I felt that I did not need a moisturizer before the primer and foundation. But as I get older and see fine lines, I will battle with all I can and that includes using a moisturizer with an spf. I also use sunscreen on my neck and hands every single day. Back to Biore. I have such a serious case or Porexia, I'll do anything to plug up those large pores. Thankfully, this moisturizer does a good job of making the pores seem smaller.
This is always the first step in my morning routine. I smooth it all over my face and use the excess on my neck. Of course there are no pores on my neck, I do it for the sunscreen factor. Next I apply my favorite primer, Skin Alison Raffaele. Between the two products, I almost don't need the foundation but I use it to even out skin tone. My skin looks good all day long and I don't reach for my Clinique pore filler as often.

I go to the salon every couple of months for a good cut and color. But in between, I color my annoying roots. Things that annoy me- dark roots, large pores and fine lines on my face. Here is a great solution to the root touch up, Clairol Perfect 10. Within ten minutes, your hair is colored and ready to rinse. Ten minutes? So much better than the usual thirty minute countdown! I've used this twice and am pleased with the results both times.
And you can rinse off the plastic gloves and use them to apply self tanning lotion this summer!



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