Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Lipgloss for Spring

Here are three lipglosses that will find permanent homes in my purse all season. I should switch handbags because my back hurts all the time but how will I ever carry all I need in a tiny bag?

Clinique Superbalm is like a protectant, treatment and gloss all rolled into one package. Superbalm gives you sheer color that is glossy and lovely alone but add shine if you wear them over lipstick. I love the extra moisture that Superbalm imparts on my lips. There's nothing worse than peeling, scaley lips. You know when youre talking to someone and they keep licking their dry lips? Offer up some Superbalm. If you are more of a naturalist than a glamour girl, then go for the Superbalm because that hint of shine and color is flattering and your lips stay soft.

London fashion designer Christopher Kane designed this limited edition Lancome Juicy Tubes. You know all about Juicy Tubes? Extreme shine, lightly scented and so pretty on your mouth. Your lips secretly cry out KISS ME when you wear Juicy Tubes. I'm sure you've tried them once or twice. These Christopher Kane ones have that neat little sketch embossed on the tube and looks as beautiful on the outside as what's on the inside. Check out the colors here- I'm partial to the Moulin Rose shade.

Tarte brings out yet another cool product. The tubes of Double Dose look kind of spacy and modern. A pigmented berry boost is bordered by a clear gloss. The Berry Boost contains goji, acai, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate which are all antioxidants that are soooo good for you. I think I kind of want to eat the middle. There is also peppermint oil and shea butter which is very nourishing. So you get the color with all the berry goodness and the gloss for the shine and moisture. A winning combination.

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