Monday, April 07, 2008

Lord & Berry

Lord & Berry is an Italian makeup like that is quickly gaining popularity here. They are known for luxurious eye and lip products and you know how fun it is to play around with eyeshadows and glosses! You can find Lord & Berry on

This review is brought to you from my pal, Supermodel!

I love fun colors for my eyes! This week I was so lucky to sample several fun products from Lord & Berry! First up were three beautiful Stardust loose eye shadows in Silver, Dark Violet and Aqua. Wow, did my eyes pop! These colors were so easily applied and stayed crease free for hours.

When I paired these amazing colors with Lord & Berry’s Liquid Eyeliner Pen in In the Black, my husband was dazzled! Not being a glamour girl on a daily basis, my love did take notice! Again, I was impressed with this lines ease of use and longevity throughout the day!
Usually when I go on vacation centered around water, I buy a tube of waterproof mascara, use it a few times and then frustrated, throw it away. I despise those flakes and specks that collect under my eyes. Not this time! Lord & Berry’s Raincoat Mascara is so lush and rich, it glides on like velvet. Macadamia nut oils leave left my eyelashes feeling protected and nourished. Hours later after swimming and splashing in the spa, my lashes were still clump free and coated. Easily removed with my normal eye make up remover, this product is a new vacation companion!

To complete the package, I also used Lord and Berry’s Ultimate Lip liner in Espresso. This deep plum color was easily paired with a neutral everyday gloss and I was complemented on the color several times throughout the day. Thank you Lord & Berry for my new color palette!



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