Saturday, April 19, 2008

Somme Institute

The Somme Institute's bottles look like something from a modern art museum. Their packaging is very simple and clean like furniture from IKEA.

The skincare regime starts with the Nourishing Cleanser. The cleanser contains Somme Institute's MDT5 which is their vitamin complex. This product cleans the skin without stripping it, your skin will not feel squeaky and dry after using it but will look makeup free and healthy.

A brief word about the MDT5 complex which sounds so scientific: but is really a combo of vitamins:
"Molecular Dispersion Technology 5 or MDT5 - is a non-prescription, synergistic blend of six highly engineered vitamins (A, C, E, D, B3 and B5) that infiltrate the inner skin layers in their active forms at high concentrations. Unlike other vitamin formulations, this unique biochemical complex can penetrate deep within the skin without oxidizing or losing potency when exposed to air or light."

Lets talk about the Double Defense Day Moisture SPF 30. I love the fact this product contains an SPF of 30 and blocks the UV and UVA rays. Years ago we weren't so concerned with blocking the sun, we baked outside or didn't wear a daily sunscreen.Now its crucial to wear a sunscreen for not only skin cancer but to prevent wrinkles. This cream helps to keep in moisture, protect from the sun and boasts the ability to reduce fine lines and wrinkles with continued use.

I use the Transport Pads after my shower when my face is clean. These pre-moistened pads contain vitamin B5, aloe powder, chamomile extract, and green tea extract as well as beta and alpha hydroxy acids. These are powerful ingredients used to keep skin in optimal condition. I expected these to be drying but they serve to infuse the skin with hydration and work in conjunction with the other products in the system.

I read in all my beauty magazines about Serum's and how we should be using these in our day to day skincare regimen. The Somme Institutes Serum serves to deliver high concentrations of Vitamin C and other collagen boosting ingredients.

I love this one and use it as much as possible. A Bomb is made up of vitamins A and E. This product speeds cell renewal and works to repair sun damage and helps smooth those fine lines and wrinkles. I like anything with vitamin A because it is a part of the retinol family, and as you probably know, retinol is useful for skin health.

When used all together, the Somme Institutes's line of skin care products will leave your skin looking fresh, healthy and glowing. I've only been using these items for about a week, too soon to see a huge difference but I have high hopes! Click here for more information.



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