Thursday, April 03, 2008

What I'm loving right now...

I was in Sephora (cue the angels sitting on clouds with harps) and I ended up buying this Glycolic Exfoliating Wash. I've been wanting to test DDF so here's my first go around with this brand. Pricey, yes. But the bottle is quite large and you only use a dot of it so I am hoping it will last for a long time. Given my proclivity towards over usage of products, I expect to have it for about two weeks.

This is supposed to (according to the Sephora description)- remove dead skin cells that clog pores, impede moisturization, and make skin look dull and lifeless. DDF Glycolic Exfoliating Wash also reduces fine lines and wrinkles while softening the skin.

It has a very nice minty smell and makes my skin super soft. I am hopeful this product will make me look twenty- two again.

If you buy only one nail polish this season, let it be DAYTRIPPER by Deborah Lippmann. I've reviewed her polishes before so you know how fabulous they are- the polishes dry quickly, look shiny, last a long time. The color of this polish is what really sends me over the edge. This is the perfect union of pink with a dash of melon. Ideal for fingernails and toenails. Its eye catching without being showy. Nice for a mom, a teen, a grandma, professional at work or someone who is home all day (me). I implore you to check out the website and get your bottle!

I love this brand. Skin Effects by Dr. Jeffrey Dover is available at your local drugstore. Its easy to find, not terribly expensive and the products deliver results. This is an overnight cream that moisturizes, hydrates, and encourages collagen production. I try to apply this every night before bed. I like a nice thick cream before bed. During the day, I want moisturizer to absorb quickly but at night, I need something like this. They say to use a small amount but I use a dollop. I overdue it every time. Is that a bad thing?

Ready for your spring fragrance? Nothing says tropical oasis like a scent from Comptoir Sud Pacifique. Vanille Mokha is a mixed of vanilla and cream and coffee. I kind of want to drink it. All the scents from Comptoir smell like a faraway island where you can walk around with a crown of flowers in your hair and go barefoot. Another fragrance I cannot resist is Aqua Motu. This smells like the beach, the salty water and crisp briny air. It contains essences of warm sand and kelp! I guess you could layer the fragrances and really smell like a Caribbean island. Play a little Bob Marley and get into it.
Among other products, Dermaquest makes DermaLash and Dermaquest C-Lipoic Lip Enhancer. Dermalash will encourage lash growth and you will find longer, stronger lashes framing your eyes in about three weeks. I was using another brand of lash product then switched to this one so I could test and report to you. YES the lash stimulating products work. Use common sense when applying- only a thin coat at your lash line before bed. People do stupid things and end up with eye infections and complain about the product but used correctly, these do wonders.

The Lip Enhancer works twenty seconds after applying. It feels like a regular lip gloss maybe a little more hydration than a gloss. My mouth looks rosier and fuller after applying. I love it. Hopefully this is the kind of product that will help ward off the inevitable shrinkage of lips. As we age we lose volume in the mouth, or so I hear! I would be very interested in trying out more Dermaquest products. Two big thumbs up!

DuWop has some fun stuff for you to try. The Double Glow is a complexion enhancing cream in a little pot. Dab it on with your fingers and apply sparingly. If you feel adventurous and artistic, dip your brush into the Double Glow and combine with moisturizer for a bright look.

Lip Venom is what put DuWop on the cosmetic map. It's a cult favorite. I bet you have a tube of it somewhere, don't you? It's a favorite because it plumps your lips and makes you look exactly like Angelina Jolie! Now the Venom is available in a tube like a lipstick. Works the same miracles, just in a different form.
Try the Revolotion Body makeup for summer. It will give your body a nice glow and protect from the sun with an spf15. This is such a great product to apply before you show some skin. It moisturizes and gives you a hint of color. I love the way it quickly absorbs and you can go darker if you want to keep applying it. Not a self tanner, Revolotion will wash off.

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