Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Alison Raffaele Tips and Tricks plus New Foundation

I love Alison Raffaele's products. I liked them before and I'm a huge fan now that she has redone her products with the "Frutta di Vita antioxidant complex." I use the Primer every day, it really smooths the skin and preps it for foundation.

I've been using her Reality Base foundation and it blends well and offers a medium coverage. Her foundation, primer, powder...everything is tops. I highly recommend anything from Alison Raffaele, I know you will love it. I'm anxiously awaiting more products from this line and want her to start producing blushes and eyeliners and everything else. Until then, I'm directing you towards her site and also posting some tips from Alison.

Alison's Tips for a Flawless, Acne Free Face:

1. Remove your makeup thoroughly, but without drying your skin. This is best done by using an emulsifying cleanser like Cetaphil first, then following up with your usual cleanser. The emulsifying step dissolves the ingredients that hold the makeup to your skin, and then the surfactants in your foaming cleanser (which is what most women with oily skin prefer) lift them away.

2. Over drying the surface of your skin with acne medications will only make it harder to conceal your acne, because makeup cannot properly adhere to dead, flaking skin. If you’ve already done so, you can help remedy the situation by steaming your face for 5 minutes and then exfoliating with a rough washcloth. “Gommage” type masks that are rolled off the skin are also effective in this situation without being drying or harsh. To prevent the problem from happening again, try using a weaker strength of your medication or using it less often.

3. To create the most natural looking coverage, always start with your foundation to even out your skintone, and then layer your concealer (in a matching shade) on top where extra coverage is needed. Finish with a dusting of loose powder to set everything in place.

4. The idea that you can “cancel out” the redness of a blemish with a green color corrector makeup sounds great, but it simply doesn’t work. In fact, it is Physics 101: You cannot add something (green makeup) to something (a red blemish) and get nothing. The ONLY medium in which colors can be “canceled out” is in lighting – because light rays do not contain any matter. Instead, try a concealer a shade deeper – the extra pigment will help cover the redness without highlighting the problem.

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I'm always on the lookout for good foundation - thanks for sharing!

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