Thursday, May 01, 2008

Brand Review: RoC

Whats better than a wrinkle fighting lotion with a Spf 30? The higher the Spf, the better in my opinion. RoC Deep Wrinkle contains a combination of pure Retinol which I've read is one of the best anti-aging ingredients ever and sun protection. If it can magically erase my deep forehead wrinkle or these ridiculous laugh lines, then I will use it every day. I'll eat it if I have to! I apply this cream at night even though its a day cream, alternating this with a Retinol cream I have. This product will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Because I have been diligent about using sunscreen, my skin looks good. I really like the RoC products I've tested because they don't clog pores, the lotions don't feel heavy on my skin, there is no scent and I'll be honest, the fact these contain Retinols is a huge attraction. As with all skincare products, there is no magic cure for fine lines, wrinkles and those naturally occurring facial changes that come with age. You have to give your products time to work which I often don't because I'm reviewing many different skincare brands. I see potential with RoC. You can this brand easily online or at your local CVS or RiteAid. Its very accessible and affordable. Click here for the RoC website.

The Retinol Correction Eye Cream from RoC has been my eye care staple since I got it. I do see a reduction in my fine lines when I apply this cream. I like it so far, no complaints here. It doesn't bother my eyes. Some products make my eyes tear up to the point where I have to wash my eyes off. This products does not contain any irritants. I actually apply this a few times a day whenever I glance in the mirror and notice my eye area looks dry. I'm a bit obsessive about eye cream lately.

I keep these Microdermabrasion Cleansing Disks within easy reach of the shower. Every night, I remove my eye makeup and use on of these to clean my skin. The little disks do two things, one side exfoliates with tiny, gentle crystals while the other side conditions skin and delivers a light, skin- softening moisturizer.

These are so easy to use. You slip your fingers into the pocket of the disk and wipe away the day's makeup, oil and grime. I feel like I'm really cleaning my face with the exfoliating side. The softer, quilted side finishes off my routine, buffing the skin on my face. The cleansing disks boast the ability to turn the clock back ten years! I don't know about that claim just yet but I do love using these and feel like my face is getting a good cleaning. My skin looks good with nice tone and radiance. Two thumbs up!



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