Saturday, May 10, 2008

Clinique for Spring and Summer

Quick Eyes Cream Shadow was not what I expected at all. I thought it might be a bit heavy and creamy but alas, I was wrong. It's a feather light powder cream that lasts all day long. I love this because unlike regular eye shadows, this does not flake and you won't get drops of powder on your eye area when you apply it. I like the colors too- sparkling and light with a pearly finish. I apply this on my eyelid and then closely line my lashes with a dark color-black or brown- and finish with a few coats of my favorite mascara. It's the easiest way to make up your eyes in about two minutes.

Men get more skin cancer on their lips than women and its obvious why this happens. Because the ladies always wear lipgloss and lipstick. And Clinique's Long Last Glosswear contains an SPF15 for sun protection. This shiny lip product comes in some gorgeous summery shades like Bamboo Pink, Clearly Pink and Sunset. You need to take a peek at all the shades available because there is a gloss for every complexion and preference.

All the juicy colors are so pretty for this warm weather. My favorite look is shiny lips, a lightly done up eye and a slight tan.

Years and years ago, I mean like more than a decade ago, I decided to spend my babysitting money on a tube of Estee Lauder self tanning lotion. It didn't smell very good and my parents told me it looked like I had a dirty face. Can't a girl get a decent bottled tan? Back then, you know- the olden days- there were not many self tanners and manufacturers had not yet come up with a great lotion that didn't turn you a shade of pumpkin. Oh, how the times have changed and thank goodness.

I've tried some great self tanners and here's one that is spectacular. The Clinique Self-Sun, Touch of Bronze Moisturizing Body Lotion smells nice and works subtlety. You can layer the lotion for a darker tan but fear not you won't turn pumpkin, tangerine or the color of a circus peanut. This moisturizer contains a little self tanner so what you get is soft skin and a glow. Perfect!

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Anonymous Jane Simon said...

I absolutely adore the Clinique glosses and having tried nearly all off the different brands I have not found a better one. My favourite is the shade airkiss which is very light pink and nice and natural. I can't afford to buy them at full price (well not very often anyway) and have been buying them from where they are half price. Unfortunately I have now brought all the shades they stock so if there is anywhere else i can buy these at halfprice please let me know! Loving the blog and my Clinique cosmetics.

4:58 PM  
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