Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Costume Institute Gala, Daily Dollface Special Edition

Kristin Davis, sweet and pretty. Nothing shocking here, she always looks nicely put together.

I don't know about this. I love Mischa's hair but am not crazy about the dress.

Did you think Jennifer Lopez would skip a big event to stay home with her babies? Of course not! Naturally she's got the bling dripping from her ears, wrists, neckline and purse.

If I was able to attend the Costume Institute Gala, I would chose a dress like this one. I'd layer some bejeweled necklaces, style my hair in a wild array of curls and wear flat sandals. A girl can dream.

Kate Moss is so gorgeous, she knows what to wear at these events, great dress. And Stella McCartney is wearing something vegan and hemp.

If Victoria Beckham knew how that sourpuss expression aged her, I bet she'd smile more. And if you didn't know her, you'd guess she was a fifty- year -old high society matron who disapproves of everyone.

Is this whats meant by a "hot mess"? MK Olsen's shoulders are hunched, her makeup is ghostly, her hair, what's with her hair? The dress is ill fitting. What up little billionaire? Her sister Ashley looks all right by comparison. At least her hair is combed.

Katie's blue shoes sticking out from the hem of her red dress reminds me of the witch being crushed by the house in the Wizard of Oz, all that showed were the ruby shoes. In this case, the sapphire shoes. Instead of a Wicked Witch there's Xenu. Tom is like a little elf in a tux.

I understand where Kate Bosworth is coming from what, with her bright eyeshadow (no doubt MAC!) and the funky dress. She wants to look a little different, funky and out of the ordinary which is all cool. But. The shoes don't work for me. If that dress is beaded, it must be heavvvvy.
Oh, like a Lite Brite!

Uh oh, who hit the spray tan booth? A mystic tan for Mr. Armani! Julia Roberts can clean up nicely. She goes from wearing Clarks and baggy pants and a knitted sweater to a gorgeous gown looking all glowy and soft.

Oh honey, no. Jennifer Connelly is gorgeous with the black hair and green eyes, slim figure. She has so much going for her. Why chose an ugly dress that looks like a starched linen napkin up top?

Body image issues? I think not. Gisele lets her boobs out front, center and sides for the night. It takes a very confident woman to wear this. I couldn't and wouldn't. And you wouldn't want me to.

On someone else this dress wouldn't work. But on Dita VonTeese, she looks terrific.

Beyonce's soft pink dress compliments her skin beautifully. Everyone is whispering that she's got a baby bump. I don't know....can't a girl eat some carbs?

Anna Wintour's gown is a cross between a costume from Battlefield Earth and a silver plated armadillo. Ugly!

photo credits, justjared, jjb,ohnotheydidnt,dlisted