Sunday, May 04, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I was sad to see Brooke go if for no other reason that people tell me I look like her, ha ha I think Jason should have been sent packing, he doesn't seem very passionate about winning. I bet his dreadlocks smell. David Cook continues to impress me, David Archuleta, eh- I imagine him on the Disney channel with his own show. Sayesha has the best legs and besides that, I am certain she will be a Broadway star with that big voice and her natural beauty. I still say David Cook for the win!

Don't you hate it when you've had too much to drink and you need help walking? The next day you're sure to be completely hungover. Here's Christina and husband Jordan but who's home with baby Max? Hey, she knows her priorities, at least the red lipstick is firmly in place.

Pete and Ashlee- they are in People's Most Beautiful issue this week. In it, we learn Pete does the Japanese thermal straightening technique on his hair and sleeps with a hat on to keep it straight. Awesome!

I can't help it, everytime I see photos of "TomKat" I cringe. WHY, Katie? I still think their marriage is some kind of Xenu ordained union and not true love.

I don't know what's most frightening- Naomi Campbell with a bat, the bright crimson tights or the high heeled sneakers which are so super ugly.

Heidi Klumschnitzel debuts her new jeans line at Bloomingdales. Don't you think the identical mannequins are funny? I wouldn't want to see clones of myself ever! The shirts look like maternity tops.

Jessica Biel without makeup. It must be a real pain to have photographers take your picture at the worst moments. But then you earn a million dollars for a few months work and its all okay.
Not to mention getting to date Justin Timberlake, not bad.

Emmy Rossum looks adorable in that red dress. Ahhh, to be young, skinny and rich!

I'm pretty close to being sick of seeing Gwyneth Paltrow everywhere I turn. And I'm definitely tired of typing her name, I always spell it wrong and have to go back and switch the Y and the E. You would most likely never catch me wearing a camel toe inducing pantsuit.

I still think of Dakota Fanning as a toothless six year old but here she is most certainly a teenager, a girl who is growing up nicely. Dakota, don't pull a Miley Cyrus! Be a nice girl and stay away from posting skanky photos on myspace.

When I venture to Las Vegas soon, I'm going to see this movie. Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher make a great comedic team, or so it looks like from the film trailers.

The royal family in France. Plus there's The Edge from U2. What do you think they sit around and talk about over their gourmet sandwiches? Baby names, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty? Or world peace, how we can save the environment, and global warming?

What a coincidence! I'm wearing the same exact outfit and wig combo! Its like looking in a crack hazed mirror.

The swirly on Jessica Alba's dress reminds me of those chocolate Hostess cupcakes.


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