Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Scary picture of the day, Star Jones. If we had audio, I believe she'd be braying like a donkey.

You know Subway has five dollar footlong subs now. Diane Kruger needs to eat about ten of them.

I thought her red hair was natural but with the sun hitting it like that, I believe Marcia Cross cheats a little and gets her red locks touched up.

That shoe looks a little big for Suri, no? The bottle has to go. I'm no pediatrician but shouldn't she be on a sippy cup now? I think one year is the cut off for bottles. Xenu says its time for a big girl cup.

This photo of Lindsay "leggings" Lohan reminds me so much of highschool gym class and being picked last for any and all teams. Always next to last to be chosen, I was terribly uncoordinated, all elbows and knees.

Hair bleached? check. Tips frosted? check. Eyebrows lightened? check. Foundation applied? check. Just a dab of rouge? Yup. Clay Aiken proves he's the most manly of men as he hawks his new CD.

I think Heidi Klum is usually gorgeous but her face looks skeletal here! You have to believe me, eating is actually good for you! Skinny faces age more than full ones.

Here's Cindy Crawford. She's probably running to the grocery store looking like that.

When is Britney going to ditch the weave and go au natural? I bet her hair looks like Lynette's on Desperate Housewives now. Patchy and thin.

We's havin' a baby showir y'all!

You can totally tell this is not a group of Hollywood dwelling teens. If this was in LA, the baby shower wouldn't be catered by BJ's BBQ and the females would not be dressed in clothes from 1995. You'd think Zoe 101 could afford something a little more lavish and modern. Then again, they's country!
So crazy! This is exactly what I'm wearing today. My children love it when I show up at school dressed like Amy Winehouse. Her stomach reminds me of those poor hungry Ethiopian babies with distended tummies.

Baby Olive with mom Isla on the set of the Shopaholic movie. Look at those baby feet and kissable chubby arms! Don't you love babies?

Okay these shoes aren't nearly as bad as the other ones Gwyn's been wearing. I love the black toe nail polish.



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