Thursday, May 08, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Let's embrace the cellulite! Wouldn't it be nice if dimply thighs were something to aim for and be proud of? I totally have to eat more fat, I really want my thighs to be lumpy this summer.

Those pants are so hot! I love a pleated front, high waisted khaki pant, don't you? So modern and current! Put these on the cover of Vogue.

Is that the remnants of self tanner under her jawline? What's tannish and platinum and shiny all over? Paris Hilton! I like the patterns and color's of Nicole Richie's outfit. Hey, remind what exactly did she do to become fodder for the paparazzi? Her pictures are all over the place from websites to gossip mags.

I'm going to give Hilary Duff an A for the top half of her outfit. I love the funky top and belt- but I am not a big fan of short skirts or shorts. Here's an instance where leggings would be perfect.

The infamous stylist Rachel Zoe. Tights sometimes remind me of being a little girl. I might have gone with a fishnet stocking but I'm no stylist.

See what I mean? Her again!

The first look at the film version of Bushie and Laura. I'm not sure if I'm going to see this film. What's the genre of the movie; fantasy, horror or science fiction?

I've looked but can't find anything wrong with Eva Mendes's outfit.

Demi and her daughter Talullah. All her girls look like variations of Bruce Willis.

Let's see what Cindy Crawford has done to her face because you know she's not au natural. Botox definitely in the forehead. Wrinkle fillers around the eyes and mouth. Lip injections. Microdermabrasion. I don't think she's succumbed to a full on face lift but undergoes a regularly scheduled maintenance. Like my car.

Thank you Carmen Electra, for your proper use of leggings. See, this is how you do it. Under a short skirt. I would wear this outfit with my Amy Winehouse beehive wig.

Speaking of wigs, Britney's hair is one mess. Not a hot mess, just a mess. First rule of being a celebrity, never ever be seen in the same outfit twice. We've seen this top before, I recognize the frap stains. And the hair! A ball of yarn has better strands. Someone better intervene before the weave becomes unraveled.

Little Ali Lohan and her sausage curls. I was not allowed to wear makeup until I was 16. Ali's Mother of the Year is very permissive to let her out of the house with all that lipliner.


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