Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Sarah Jessica's hat is so ultra-hideous, I thought I would just add a few items and see if I could improve it.
Cheryl Ladd looks amazing so what did she have done? A slight face lift, just a tune-up plus injections and fillers.

Mandy Moore and her friend Ryan Adams, not to be confused with Bryan Adams. His orange hair troubles me.

When I see a floppy neck bow like this plus the plaid jacket and matching skirt, I can't help but think of an office worker who tucks pencils in her hair and cleans her nails with a paper clip. Salma Hayek is trying her best not to look like the hot mama we know she is.

Kristin Davis looks okay, Cynthia Nixon's neckline is extemely deep, Kim Cattrall's dress looks like she's smuggling a Nordstrom gift box in there, and we've gone over Sarah's tree topper of a hat. So what else is there?

Teri Hatcher looks super skinny, check out how thin her legs are! The word on the street is that she had her boobs done. I think she should have spent the money on gaining some weight.

Infamous Rachel Zoe, night of the living dead. She needs a nap and a dose of vitamin D.

Would you look at this photo and think she's seven months pregnant? YES. Nicole Kidman barely has a bump. She's going to pop out a kidney bean, not a full grown baby. She needs to borrow Katie Holmes's padded baby bump.

Hey that's lingerie, not a dress. Sometimes it gets confusing. Do I detect a pair of leggings underneath? Lindsay Lohan uses those things as a security blanket!
Not everyone can pull off the severe hairstyle that Jennifer Lopez is wearing, not even Jennifer. The blue eye shadow is too Linda Evans from Dynasty. I'm not sure of her whole ensemble. Her look is called "1988 night time soap opera vixen." I hope that fur is faux.

Cate Blanchett and her new little tiny baby. That jacket is hot!

So refined and elegant, no not the birdcage. I'm talking about Britney Spears. What can be more gorgeous than her greasy weave held back by a scrunchy, long sweatpants, a beer bloat and a wedgie pick? That is sophistication.

Why does Christina have scabs on both knees? Spending much time on the rug, hmmm? She needs a pair of Lindsay's padded Leggings!
Her husband looks excited to be there, like every other man that sits and waits for his wife to shop at the mall. You can spot them all over with the same bored, glazed expression on their faces.

Soliel Moon Frye's outfit is a crime! It's like a nun's starched shirt, a man's jacket and the bottom is a twin sheet folded and pinned to make some kind of skirt thing. Think of it this way, when she's done with her skirt she can use it to make her bed. That's a mom for you, always multi-tasking.

Oh please, Charlize Theron is always perfection! What can you say about her, she's too pretty?


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