Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Not due until August, Angelina shows off her huge bellyful of chidgins. Two girls! How does she only gain weight in her belly and boobs and no where else? She's going to be on bedrest come late June. That body cannot support the twins.

Hats like this aren't cute, sassy, fashionable, sexy or smart. Looks like the wind is blowing it off her head.

If you passed this lady on the street, you'd never imagine she was an award winning actress. Julia Roberts keeps it on the DL.

Not the most flattering angle for her legs. Victoria Beckham and her bodyguards here. She's shopping again? That's ALL she does. Girl, read a book! A what? Page through a magazine!

If the buttons strain or pop open, it usually means you need a bigger size. That's just a thought.

I love the big trash big in the photo! Jennifer is on her way to meet John Mayer for dinner. See, he thinks this is a casual summer romance but does she want more? This will keep me up tonight. I don't want her to suffer another broken heart. Let's set her up with someone...older, more mature...John Stamos?
Naomi Watts wears a see thru dress. She's so naturally pretty. I hope she shuns the botox and plastic surgery.

Perfection! You can't get much better looking than Natalie Portman.

Sandra Bullock at LAX. I thought when you reached a certain level of fame, you got to use a private jet? Her outfit is something I would wear. I always try to wear running shoes in case I need to break into a jog, clothes that won't burst into flames, pants that will allow me to kick back and relax and a scarf that doubles as a blanket.

What's gayer than Elton John as Ethel Merman wearing a sequined dress dancing to the tunes of Liberace? Clay Aiken with his frosted locks wearing hand made leather sandals and pressed jeans prancing down the street with a rhinestone trimmed cell phone!

Oh that little Miley Cyrus. She's being groomed by the same group who shaped Britney Spears's career. Red alert! OMG hot couple- lets get Miley and David Archuleta together!

I think this girl, Leighton Meister, looks like Julianne Moore. Besides that, her purse is eating her hand.

Julianne is one of the world's prettiest women. That being said, I hate this new trend of blazers. Everyone looks like a real estate agent.

Jennie Garth looks fabulous in this black ensemble. When in doubt, go for all black and you cant go wrong. Well, sometimes you can so you should keep it all simple.

See what I mean about black? Jennifer Aniston knows how to do it. Black sundress and flip flops. Can't mess that up.

Even with messy hair at the airport, Gisele looks fab. Thats why she gets paid the big bucks.
Again, no private jet?
I just wanted to show you that its not only vain Hollywood women who fall prey to the lure of botox. Christian Slater hasn't moved his forehead in years!

This dress is a cascade of gorgeousness.

Pretty jewelry and lovely makeup.

Cute outfit from head to toe. I'd like to see a movie with Blake Lively, Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson. They all remind me of each other,
like sisters.This is a couple that's been long overdue, Pete Doherty and Amy Winehouse! Even couldn't have done a better job setting these two up!