Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Kristin Scott Thomas is looking regal and elegant in this very long gown. She's not around a whole lot. I loved her in the English Patient.

Molly Sims wears the hot color for the season, vivid yellow.

Kelly Ripa looks stunning here. I love the people staring in the background!

Still going strong, Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner. Does he have two cigarettes in his mouth? I would think these two would be into healthy food and fitness and no smoking. I cannot believe Heather is 46. Which fountain of youth is she drinking from?

Normally I love Sarah Jessica Parker's style but in this case, the top of the dress looks like a collection of used tissues.

Lovely...and then you scroll down to the gladiator heels. The Parade Of Ugly Shoes marches on!

Gwyneth's hair and makeup look fantastic.

Camel toe alert! Those pants are not flattering on most people. I'd need a girdle and a heavy duty Spanx to get away with wearing those things. You could have a lot of fun with baby oil and a slip n' slide while wearing the rubber leggings. Fergie's hair and makeup look terrific.

We can really see how big the bump is now! Clint Eastwood, although looking dapper, needs Crest White Strips and Angelina is gorgeous as usual. Its not fair that one person can be so genetically blessed. Does she ever wake up and feel ugly? Probably not.

Even Brad is admiring her bump. I almost said Wife but the two are not married. Yet.

Jessica Alba shows off her baby belly. Love the dress. I get the feeling she's not the most likeable girl in the world. I'm not sure we
would hang out if we knew each other.
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