Thursday, May 22, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Teri Hatcher at the American Idol finale. She's bringing out her newly lifted breasts for a night on the town.

I am so addicted to Top Chef! Padma, I want your job! Imagine tasting food all the time? I'd love it.
Minka, nice dress on the top but I'm not crazy about the ballooning bottom. Look at it this way, if you get dropped out of a plane you can parachute down with the skirt.

Er...yuck. Rumer's hat reminds me of those caps with the dreadlocks attached that you can buy in a trinket shop on any Caribbean island. Yah, mon.

Kristin Davis is always so ladylike, except for those racy photos that surfaced online not too long ago.
I am so excited for Marley and Me. Jen and Owen make a nice couple, no? He broke up with Kate Hudson so he's on the rebound. I keep thinking Jen and Dylan McDermott would make a nice couple. We need a Celebrity Matchmaker tv show.

Oooh, Amelia is a must see! If I could get a copy of that screenplay or get to be on set, I would be in heave. Hilary Swank will make an excellent Amelia Earhart. What dedication to lop off your locks and dye your eyebrows for a role. I'd wear a wig.
Always perfectly put together, Dita VonTeese.

Don't you wonder what she looks like without the glam makeup and dresses?
Dana Delaney, I'll always remember you as that fiesty nurse on China Beach. I loved that show.

It's not a conehead, its Cameron Diaz filming My Sisters Keeper. Don't worry, she's wearing a cap. She didn't shave her head. Cam's like me...too vain for that.

Harrison Ford and Calista looking nice at the movie premiere.

Thanks for showing us the cigarette lighter Britney. Well, some habits are hard to break, right? I haven't seen the pink wig in a while and I take that as a good sign.

Did these two rub their heads on balloons? I hope I look half as good when I'm their age. Sharon Stone and Madonna, botox twins.


Blogger erika71690 said...

Rumer is so unattractive. Especially with that cigarette hangout out of her mouth.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Joanna Schmidt said...

Rubbing balloons. I think you are onto something.

8:14 AM  

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