Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Let's talk about Feet

I'll be honest, I notice people's feet. And nothing is more disgusting than a dirty foot with overgrown toenails and rough heels. I'm obsessive about the condition of my feet. I scrub and use lotions and trim the cuticles and use the nail file and paint my toe nails so that they look pretty in sandals. There is no excuse for yucky feet, especially when there is this Earth Therapeutics Pedicure to Go kit. It contains a cuticle pusher, cuticle trimmer, nail clipper and nail file. Basically everything you need to keep your toenails looking presentable.

I seriously hope she used a foot wipe before sticking it in her mouth!

This Clean and Cool Foot Wipes should be tucked into your bag for everyday use. When your feet get tired and sweaty, wipe these out and revive your tired toes. In the summer when I wear sandals, even if my feet are pristine to start with, they end up dirty. And if I am doing a lot of walking or standing my feet get swollen and uncomfortable. Nothing helps but the combination of tea tree oil and mint. How refreshing! Very portable, these are great for kids too.
Earth Therapeutics has a ton of products available which are all very affordable. A gift I like to give is a basket full of spa items like the ones here. Who doesn't love this kind of stuff? And personally, with all I am going through at this moment, I think I need all of the products on this page!



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