Monday, May 05, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Tara Reid looks sober and cute and clean! I love the purse and have been searching for a similar one.

Here's another outfit I would wear, Nicole Richie looks casual and I'm a big fan of hats. My only gripe is the extra long pants. When you wear them long like that, they end up so disgustingly filthy on the bottom.

I know. At first glance, you shudder and think that's gross. But I want to thank Mischa Barton for exposing her thighs. I struggle with those pockets of cellulite and am soooo self conscious about it. But if Mischa can go outside in a bikini, than we (those of us who have dimply thighs) can too. Embrace the jiggle.

With all the warnings of skin cancer and premature aging, you would think Jennifer Aniston might sit in the shade with a big hat. Maybe she has her dermatologist on speed dial for shots of Botox, Juvaderm and tubes of Retin A to reverse the sun damage. She always looks lovely so I guess she's doing something right. I'll keep applying the sunscreen spf 50 though.

I applaud Jennifer Hudson's decision to wear a less than flattering outfit because you know, we aren't all size 2, 4 or 6 or even 8. But you know my beef with the leggings. LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS.

When you get dressed, you need to think of the scale of each item you wear. Like, you don't want to wear all enormous clothing and huge accessories. If you wear a long caftan, maybe balance it out with a small purse and strappy sandals. Jessica Simpson looks like she was playing in Mrs. Roper's closet. But I do like the bag.

I've always thought Eva Mendes was so pretty, she's different from every other Hollywood starlet. Here she reminds me of a young and exotic Sophia Loren.

The good news: Emile Hirsch is so fantastic in the film Into The Wild. The bad news: he should perhaps rethink the nautically inspired ensemble for the red carpet event. He's attending a premiere, not boarding a boat. Ahoy!
See, this is how you work the red carpet. Christina Ricci looks fantastic! Love the dress and the shoes.

I hate to be so critical but when you're a celebrity and have loads of money to hire a stylist, well then, there's no excuse. For regular people like me and maybe you, we can mess up and wear weird and uncoordinated clothes. Demi Moore should have either worn longer pants, or folded a bigger cuff on the jeans. It just looks like she's wearing short pants. And that's not good. Her friend wears leggings the correct way, under a skirt.

These two are as visible as Gwyneth Paltrow and her parade of ugly shoes.
Ashton and Cameron
make the press rounds for their movie. His pants and Her shoes are weird but they probably cost more than my yearly clothing allowance.

Remind me again why they are famous. Heidi and Spencer are always up in my face. Whether she's "modeling" or singing or designing a clothing line, she's everywhere. I understand wanting to be famous, I do. But choose a single career path and do it well. As for Spencer, he looks like he should be sitting on a porch swing sipping Country Time lemonade.


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