Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Victoria's Secret offers more than sexy bras...

I finally wised up when my husband was caught paging through the Victoria's Secret catalogue. He was always saying, "What? I'm looking at it so I can buy something for you!" But after years of not buying me a single thing, I realize the motive behind the leisurely reading of the magazine. Well, Victoria's Secret is not all about scantily clad women with perfectly tanned and toned bodies, no its not.

VS offers a line of beauty products and hair care products that you will love. I adore the Diamond Collection, a line of sparkling lip glosses and glittery eye shadows and vibrantly glimmering powders. I like how when the sun shines or the light hits my lips, they seem to shimmer and shine. You cant go wrong with any shade because they are universally flattering.

All colors have a combination of a darker hue at the bottom, lightening up towards the top but with lots of little sparkles. The Diamond Lip Glimmer offers three shades: Champagne, Pink and Fiery Diamond.

Also noteworthy is the Diamond Luster Face powder. This formula gives your face a glow. Apply it after you are done with your foundation and primer and concealer. Its the last step for a radiant face. The Diamond Eye Duo features two colors in one palette, a soft shade and a dark one. This eye shadow is infused with real crushed diamonds, talk about eye catching! I love the Blue Diamond shades- an aqua blue paired with a sparkly chardonnay shade.

I had no idea that Victoria's Secret offered hair care supplies. I am very happy to report that the Shampoo and Conditioner work brilliantly together. The Balancing formula makes my hair soft and it smells wonderful. My drab locks have body! Volume!

The Natural Hold Hairspray keeps my hair very touchable, not hard at all. I've been using the Full Bodied Volumizing Spray before I blowdry so that my coif can expand to Amy Winehouse proportions. Before I leave the house, I use a quick spray of the Brilliant Shine Mist so I have a little shine on my blonde locks. The prices on the haircare are very reasonable and I like the makeup up quite a lot too. Who knew Victoria's Secret had more to do with makeup and hair than laced trimmed g-strings?



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I love the So Sexy shampoo & conditioner - they smell so fab!

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