Monday, June 09, 2008

Cover Girl? YES!

If I told you there was a mascara that would coat every single lash with color, last all day long and not get clumpy, lumpy or smear, wouldn't you think I was talking about an expensive department store mascara? Seriously, Lash Blast Mascara by Cover Girl is amazing. I cannot get over how long and lush my lashes are.

The brush enables the color to be deposited evenly on every last lash. I take my time to apply the mascara carefully from root to tip. Then I go back and concentrate on only the tips, applying in several short strokes. I do one last root to tip and there you go. False eyelashes... except they're not!

I haven't used a Cover Girl product in years. YEARS. I think I was in seventh grade when I bought a tube of IceBlue Pink lipstick. Frosty pinky purple. I thought I was the bomb even though I wore a training bra and headgear. Another noteworthy product from CG is the WetSlicks lipgloss. This gloss has a very appealing minty essence. The product itself is a smooth and silky gloss that makes your lips look wet and slick. It feels great on the mouth, trust. You will love it.
If you've turned up your nose at Cover Girl in the past, ladies this brand warrants a second look. You will love the mascara. Get a WetSlicks lipgloss too, you won't be disappointed! For more, click here.

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Blogger Catherine! said...

I agree! I tried this one when it first came out (had a coupon!) and I'm totally in love with it! Just bought another tube! Something about the brush shape and the mascara that's a perfect mix - I tried another one with a similar, but not the same, brush & it just wasn't as good as this.

9:10 AM  
Blogger PrincessGreen17 said...

I love this mascara too! The brush is really great. I also love Wetslicks, they're glossy but not sticky at all.

10:42 AM  

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