Monday, June 02, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

After hooking up with that rich guy, Salma Hayek could dress in the cutest clothes but she usually chooses to dress like a fifty year old secretary who hasn't updated her wardrobe since 1997. Why? Her hair is out of control! She needs Frizz Ease.

I covet that long, thick, wavy hair of Sarah Jessica Parker's but I draw the line at the band leader shoes. I'd wear the dress, yes, but with hot strappy shoes. Drum solo, anyone?

Reese Witherspoon cut her hair, yes or no? Cute. She can pull any hairstyle off, I'm sure.
I feel like having a picnic after looking at her outfit.

Why does this guy always look like he's two steps away from robbing a 7-11? The hat, dark glasses, black clothes, what gives? And Paris, love her makeup but doesn't she look like she's headed to the prom circa 1955?

If anyone knows how to dress for their body, its Kristin Davis. She always wears the super feminine dresses with a nipped waist and flared skirt. MMMmmmm Vodka.
You know, Pamela Anderson is cute without the gobs and puddles of makeup. I think she looks best when she's natural. Just a little lipgloss and mascara which I think we all need.

I think I would looooove to go to all the snazzy events that these people attend. Give me a reason to dress up. Here Nicole Richie looks pretty with that smoldering eye makeup and nude lip. Ahhh to be young and filthy rich.

Her name sounds like a disease- OMG! I've got a case of Milakunis!- but she's smoking hot.

Love the color, the makeup up, the style of the dress and the pearls around her boob. Katherine Heigl looks soft and pretty. I would kick up the length of the skirt to about half an inch above the knee if I were pressed to give my opinion.

Eva Mendes is gorgeous. But I like a more form fitting dress, not a furry, fuzzy one, and a less clunky shoe.

Demi, I know you want to remain Forever Young but leave the above the knee length dresses to the young starlets.

I love the outfit Charlize is wearing but you need to have the body to pull it off which most women do not. I'm wearing it to back- to -school night with Ultra Spanx.

Fierce! Fiercely not attractive. May I suggest a Dicky to cover up those silicone melons? Harsh makeup! WOW. She can be gorgeous but sadly, not here.
"..and only I, Cameron Diaz, can fart and belch at the same time and guys will think it's cute and funny!"

Yep, thars a baby in that there belly.
Yee haw!