Friday, June 13, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

I love Cate Blanchett's natural beauty. I hope she doesn't succomb to any plastic surgery ever.

Mischa Barton's dress reminds me a giant dust bunny that came off my ceiling fan.

I'm not very familiar with this person, Nikki Cox, but her mug is all over the place as an example of Bad Plastic Surgery. Poor girl.

Cindy Crawford and famile. It bothers me that her husband spells his name Rande instead of Randy. Rande Gerbre. Whatevere!
Jennifer Garner is so CUTE. I bet she was one of those preppy girls in highschool who wore Bass loafers (with pennies in them) and sweaters and Izod shirts with the collars turned up. Her hair was always pulled into a ponytail and she was friendly and got straight A's. I know the type. I wasn't one but I remember clearly!

Jessica Biel and Jessica Alba should have a face off over who is more grumpy looking. Does this girl ever crack a smile?

Rumer really needs to button up that dress. Amy Smart is a huge dog lover.

Soooooo word on the street is that John Mayer is a real master in the bedroom. What does he do that's so fancy? I want to know!
I hope Jen realizes that this romance a summer fling and not true love forever (according to the gossip blogs). I can't handle if she gets another broken heart!

Hilary Duff stars in My Pants Ate My Feet.
Sarah Jessica Parker looks all summery. Is that a Bitten dress? When I lived in NJ, the high point of my trips into Greenwich Village was to stop at Dean and DeLuca and get a muffin.
Love Jessica's green bag but hate the shoes with the shorty shorts. Do you think after you reach a certain age, you should stop wearing mini skirts and tiny shorts?

If I had to redo my pregnancies, I'd buy some long dresses like Gwen and be comfy all day long.

Britney should lose the wonky weave and buy an Amy Winehouse crack- hive wig.
Drop the Frap! Do you know how much sugar is in that thing?

I expect to see Victoria Beckham on the cover of all major tabloids this week. She's not only in baggy pants but in flat shoes? Is this a sign of the apocolypse?

Angelina can take a unflattering photo just like the rest of us?

Crack hive! Imagine how easy life would be if you could plop a big ol' wig on your head as you go out the door in the morning. No more hot rollers, curling iron, flatiron and hours under a hot blow dryer. So easy! So convenient! So flattering! Plus a towering hive makes you look skinnier. It's the hair to hip ratio. Or maybe it's the crack.


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