Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Little Violet Affleck is going to grow up expecting to see photographers every where she goes! I sort of feel sorry for that life style. Anyway, I predict within the next year Jen will be pregnant again. Time for another bumper crop of celebrity babies for next summer.

Kristin Davis always looks so nice and she dresses for her body type. I loved the Sex and the City movie and she was adorable in it.
Judging from the dress, I'm guessing Michelle Williams is acting in a film from maybe the 1940's? But those slippers are totally 2008!
Sometimes...you just have to let the weave go. It's time. I think the hand is saying it's time to unravel that ball of yarn. Free the locks held captive by the dirty fake extensions. I would think that Britney's scalp would constantly itch, that looks downright painful.

Here's an outfit I would totally wear. Reese Witherspoon has such nice legs. Must be from all the yoga she's been doing with Jake. Wink wink.
Kate Hudson and Lance Armstrong out again. How long before he buys her a fancy racing bike? That's the hallmark of a serious relationship for Lance.
As a supermodel and judge on Project Runway, Heidi Klum should know better. A dress of that length will always make you look stumpy. It's an old woman length. And the heavy shoes just add to the chunky aesthetic. Heidi laid a big fat fart with this outfit. In fashion, you eder in or you out. She out.

I've liked Carla Gugino ever since I saw her cinematic masterpiece with that fine thespian, Pauly Shore. Surely you've seen- and loved- Son In Law?

This little Bijou girl is so cute! Ideal casting for my future movie would be Bijou, Blake Lively, Kate Hudson and Cameron Diaz. I love her fun dress and strappy shoes. She's adorable.

I can only guess that Amy's paw is orange/brown because she applied self tanner somewhere on her body. That's why you must, must wash your hands with soap after application. I have taken to applying self tanning lotion with latex gloves so I don't have stained palms. Amy might also benefit from a stint with ProActiv.
What in Knotts Landing did Joan Van Ark do to her face? One too many at home peels coupled with a vast array of botox, me thinks. The only part of her face that looks untouched by a scalpel and needles is the apples of her cheeks. She almost has the chola eyebrow. Almost.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wonder if amy winehouse's hands are stained by tobacco rather than self-tanner? doesn't she smoke a lot? ick....

9:53 AM  

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