Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Daily Dollfaces

Just in case you were wondering if Kate and Lance went out to dinner last night- yes, they did.
Her sandals look like band-aids.
Hilary Duff should know not to pair a tee shirt that says NEW YORK with cowboy boots. That's like pairing a prairie dog with a Cartier wrist watch. It doesn't go together.

So there was this event called the Crystal + Lucy awards and of course celebrities showed up because really, what else do they have to do but shop and go to hoity toity events?
I haven't a single clue why Rumer was there.

Salma showed up looking like a demure but hot secretary.

Mrs. Roper?

Ginnifer Godwin showed up.

So did Eva Mendes.

Debra Messing was there wearing a Mexican inspired robe.

Who's idea was it to pose Nicole Kidman with a gaggle of livestock?
I was watching The Golden Compass and was mesmorized by her face! She looks way different nowadays. I was staring at her lips, surely she's had them plumped.

Cute! Very well orchestrated. Matching bundles of cashmere blankets.

Anne Hathaway is now free to enter the revolving door of Hollywood dating. She dumped her scandalous Zach Braff look-alike boyfriend and not a moment too soon. Who can we set her up with now? I bet she's gives John Mayer a whirl, he enjoys making the rounds.
Matthew McConagoogle's girlfriend Camila is so chic and casual and cute. But that huge plastic clip in her hair is not. I learned a long time ago that those clips are a fashion no-no, along with big fabric scrunchies. Matt's shirt looks like its been through the dryer too many times, its too small. All the better to show off those biceps though, eh?

Cameron Diaz, who is she dating these days? She's been around the block a few times.

I just can't wait for this movie, Amelia, starring Hilary Swank. If there was a way for me to get my manicured hands on the screenplay, I would be so thrilled. Who better to play the famous aviatrix than Hilary?
The story, the costumes, the music of the era...I hope the movie is as great as I anticipate it to be.

I adore Amy Poehler! I'm writing a screenplay and there is a character that she could play. Perhaps she reads this blog and she'll get in touch and we will be come best friends and then I too can hang out with Tina Fey!

Don't be jealous. Soon those elegant lucite heels can be yours. Shauna Sand is coming out with a line of heels and she told me (seriously she did) that they will be available in the near future. In person Shauna is tiny, as are most women in Hollywood. She is also very tan and I wanted to slather her with spf60 and wipe her makeup off because sometimes less is more. Unless you're talking about lucite heels and then more is more and it will never be enough.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RU really writing a screenplay? My life would make such an interesting story but I can't write dialogue. I've already been interviewed for a baseball book because my single life was so -- craaazy.

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