Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Melanie Segal's Platinum Publicity for the MTV Awards

Traci Bingham, Melanie Segal, Joel Madden

Ian Ziering

Cris Judd

Shauna Sand and yes, she was wearing her lucite heels.
Samantha Harris-I've always wanted to meet her because I have heard she is very sweet.

Last week I had my private jet fly me to Hollywood Blvd so I could attend Melanie Segal's Platinum Publicity Gifting Lounge in honor of the MTV Awards. In case you've never been to Hollywood or strolled the Blvd it's pretty exciting. This is where the Walk of Fame is located. Mann's Chinese Theater, the Pantages theater, Roosevelt Hotel is located on Hollywood Boulevard. And let me tell you, the restaurant called 25 degrees at the Roosevelt is excellent. The hotel itself has a ton of history behind it so if you go to Hollywood, please take a walk through. Also, you can see the famous Hollywood sign which never fails to give me a thrill.

This event was held at the new W hotel which won't be open until 2009. We got a sneak peek of the place and it's going to be amazing. I've been to many of Melanie's events and they are always fun, casual and everyone has a wonderful time- its a great vibe.

The vendors set up their products and chat with press and celebrities. Melanie always chooses a charity to support and this time it was Brad Pitt's Make it Right foundation which goes towards rebuilding homes devestated by Hurricane Katrina. It's super easy to donate and it's a fantastic cause.

The complete list of vendors is below but I have to tell you the ones who stuck out in my mind. First of all, the people giving out samples of Vemma and Verve were very friendly and the energy/health drinks are delicious. The guys from Sushi Dan talked me into trying sushi and surprisingly the spicy tuna rolls were great and I'm am NOT a sushi fan. The owner of Gogie Girl hats was a tremendous delight. Her hats are so comfortable and are made just for women. I highly suggest you check out their website. She is very passionate about her line of hats which are a hit with female athletes and once you try one, you can see why.

The K-Swiss shoes I received are so ultra-comfortable that I want everyone to get a pair. They are like walking on air. Biatta Intimates have beautiful, flirty undergarments and I love love love my girly, padded bra. Cor Soaps is a brand I never heard of before but I took my little round soap home and tried it on my face and yes, its truly remarkable. My skin is so clear, try it and you will love it. I spent a while chatting about Natural Balance pet food, this stuff is so pure that humans can eat it. I took home some samples and my dogs went crazy for it. They especially loved this one so I need to order some as a treat.

It was an amazing day. Anytime I can break out of my normal routine of spa treatments, shopping at Barneys and ordering the staff around is welcome. Melanie Segal is so great and this girl is very young to be so accomplished and successful so kudos to her. Be sure to check out all the products below!

Samsung (giving away the new Pebble MP3 player which will only be in stores in July), Logitech (universal remotes, speakers, keyboards and headsets), Fergie’s line of Kipling bags, K-Swiss, MTV/Nickelodeon, Domino’s, Great China Wall ($1000 per shirt!), Keurig Coffee Makers, Green Bikes, Tag Jeans, Barry’s Tickets, Natural Balance pet food and products, Julianna Jabour, Cor Soaps, Biatta Intimates, Christy’s hats, Gogie Girl hats, Moonsus bags, City Boy Empire shirts, Suki Naturals, Smoke & Mirrors, Sushi Dan, Keyze, Goldfadden Skincare, LL clothing T’s, Photo Cabina, the Art of Shaving, Hacienda Tequila, Brad Kronen Tarot card reader, Bottlenotes wine club, Verve, Vemma, Izze, and Fiji water.



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Is this a sarcastic post or did I miss something? :) Private jet? Damn girl!

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Wow! jet <3 All true about natural balance. The only brand that wont give my doggies the itch and allergies! Been loyal to the brand for 4 years now...

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