Monday, June 16, 2008

Sharon Bolton Scents~

I've mentioned many times before that Sharon Bolton scents are so amazing, smell so delicious and are purely addicting that you will be reaching for your vial of oil on a daily basis. I apply it to my wrists before bed so I can experience the scent as I drift off into sleep. Just a little tiny dab, nothing overwhelming. I always get compliments when I wear Luv, its my number one favorite scent. I use other fragrances here and there but this is what I reach for again and again. And again.

Sharon is removing the "bad stuff" from her products- now that I've been reading about these nasty ingredients, I want to stay far away from them as possible. Sharon is eliminating all parabens and laurel sulphates from the products. The perfume oils are phthalate free and alcohol free.

On that note, have you seen the new Green Tv channel? Now that Top Chef and Work Out are over, I need to find something to watch this summer!

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