Thursday, June 12, 2008

WorkOut: the show, the dvd

I have become so addicted to watching this show! I've been there since the very beginning way back in Season One and became emotionally involved in all of Jackie Warner's trials and tribulations, professionally and personally. Her trainers are all so good looking and fit, definite eye candy and inspiration for men and women! I was at a club a long time ago and saw a guy who looked so familiar, but where did I know him from? It wasn't until Season three began that I realized it was a trainer from Sky Sport, Greg Peeler!

The Workout dvd recently hit stores and I want it in my hands. I try to exercise every day and occasionally when I feel stagnant in my routine, I'll pick up an exercise video. This one tops my list. I rather do weights or stretching than any cardio. I dislike jogging and running- a brisk walk is about all I like to do but I try to lift light weights and do a lot of yoga. I think the Workout dvd might help me amp up my regime a bit without having to exert a lot of cardio effort.

Have you bought this one? I'd love to hear thoughts on it.

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